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Often we talk about us and show our structure without letting you know the area in which we live!

For those unfamiliar with Valdambra it will undoubtedly be a pleasant discovery because it is a land full of history and cultural and scenic beauty. Today without moving too much (just 50 meters from Villa Giusterna) we talk about Montebenichi one of the villages (our country) that dominates the valley!

Montebenichi is located in the Chianti Aretino and dominates the Valdambra. It was a fortified settlement built before the mid 12th century. The lord of Montebenichi was Gregorio di Benedetto Stendardi later known as Capitan Goro, an adventure leader in the service of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Today it is a beautiful village where the Castelletto di Montebenichi stands out (private museum of rare beauty). The parish church of Santa Maria Assunta (the church that you will find outside the walls) and the Chapel of San Francesco not far from the town in the direction of the woods.

For those who will be our guests it is undoubtedly the first stage of the trip of your holidays!

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